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We at Glazed Window & Doors LTD we proud to be able to offer Residence ² Windows and Doors. Residence ² has been designed to meet current and anticipated future standards. With typical with having 3 or 5 chambers, R² have 9 chambers giving it excellent thermal and acoustic ratings. R² window easily achieve 'A' rated thermal efficiency with double glazing. If upgraded to triple glazing the window achieves as unbelievable 'A++' rating. 

Residence 2 windows and doors

100mm frame with 9 chambers makes R² strong and very thermally and acoustically efficient.

R2 Windows and Doors

28mm double glazing option achieves up to 'A' window energy rating with 1.34 W/M²K u-value.

44mm triple glazing option achieves up to A++ window energy rating and 0.79W/M²K u-value.

11 different standard colourway from stock allow R² to fit into any property. 

R7 colour options

Residence ² with the thickness of Residence 9 however with a square bead give a modern feel perfect for any property. 

R2 window

Glazed Windows and Doors Limited supply and fit a large range of products throughout Reading, Bracknell, Didcot, Henley, Wokingham, Wallingford, Thames Valley and Berkshire. Residence² An elegantly flush sash exterior and a unique square interior give Residence² its bold and modern appearance. R² glass sightlines are all equal providing perfect symmetry giving a modern look to any property. 

Residence² boasts superior screw retention reinforcements, locks and hinges are secured firmly into position. Residence² achieves one of the highest classifications on the British standard weather test. Maintenance free with a simple wipe clean is all you need, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


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R2 Windows and Doors

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